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The "Honest Farm Kitchen" line is a collection of premium quality cooking essentials designed and curated by Chef James himself. From savory spices to delectable broths, this line brings the expertise of a professional chef right to your kitchen.

Simply sprinkle or rub these exquisite blends onto your dishes to elevate their flavor profiles. Each blend is crafted to complement a variety of cuisines and dishes, giving you the power to infuse culinary magic into your home-cooked meals.

"Esencias by Chef James" are a set of two candles, available individually as well. These candles are the result of Chef James's ingenuity, crafted specifically for after-cooking moments. The aromas - Baked Pear with Spices and Orange with Firewood - can evoke memories of delightful pastry scents, adding a sweet and inviting ambiance to your space.

Our innovative "Sponge Set" comes with four sponges designed to revolutionize your cleaning routine. These sponges change color to indicate their effectiveness, and their plastic adhesive holder prevents germ proliferation by keeping them elevated and away from direct contact with the sink. They even dispense liquid soap and safeguard your nails from potential water and soap damage.