Welcome to my new restaurant, "La Doña."

Welcome to my new restaurant, "La Doña."

This time, I want to take you on a journey filled with flavors, tradition, and love. As some may already know, my connection with Mexican cuisine goes beyond the kitchen; it's an emotional bond, a tribute to the strong and passionate women who have shaped this wonderful gastronomy. And that's why I'm excited to introduce you to my new restaurant, "La Doña."

At "La Doña," we aim to pay homage to those iconic women who have been the backbone of Mexican gastronomy. We want to celebrate their stories, their courage, and, of course, their recipes that have transcended generations.

A Cozy Corner 

When you step into "La Doña," you'll feel the warmth that only a home can provide. We want each visit to be a family experience, a reunion with the roots and essence of Mexico, especially Tulum—such a magical and mysterious place.

Our restaurant has been designed with love, aiming to create an environment where everyone feels at home. A place where Mexican tradition and flavor merge.

Under the Sea and on the Grill

A standout feature at "La Doña" is our impressive 6,000-liter aquarium—a tribute to the sea and the abundance it offers. In our menu, you can explore a unique fusion of Mexican tradition with fresh touches from the sea. From familiar snacks to exquisite creations like octopus carpaccio, lobster tacos, and pastor-style pork chops.

Journey Through Mexico

In every dish, I'll take you on a journey through the diverse regions of Mexico. Each bite tells a story, a tradition passed down through generations. We focus on highlighting authentic flavors and careful presentation to offer a unique experience with each visit.

Cocktails with a Mexican Spirit

 Additionally, at "La Doña," we proudly present a unique cocktail menu crafted exclusively with Mexican agave spirits. Each sip is a celebration of the rich tradition of Mexican beverages, taking you on a sensory journey that perfectly complements our culinary delights.

This restaurant is a dream come true, a way to share with you my deep love for Mexico and its cuisine. I invite you to "La Doña" so that together we can explore the flavors, stories, and traditions that make Mexican gastronomy truly special.

Thank you for being part of this new adventure. See you at "La Doña"!

If you'd like to make a reservation to visit us, click here.

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